Kings Of Leon | Notion EP | An Indie Blog Shot Review

The Kings of Leon, for what seemed like an eternity, went mostly unnoticed by music listeners. It was only in late 2008 and onward that the band gained its recognition and mass popularity, to cheers of some and the jeers of long time followers. That being said, 2009 has been a big year for the band, but as the band rides the wave of fame a la Only By The Night the idea of a new full length album on the horizon seems like a distant dream. Perhaps this is the reason behind the bands recent release of the Notion EP, a four song collection of live performances of Sex On Fire and Notion and a remix of The Bucket by Css. It’s not surprising that the Notion EP would have both an album and live version of the Notion song, but what does come as a pleasant surprise is Beneath the Surface a new addition to the Kings of Leon catalog. Beneath the Surface comes off as a B-Side from the Only By The Night album, but unlike the rest of that album Beneath the Surface incorporates a more jarring, less commercial guitar progression and Bass line. Nonetheless, this EP is a must have for any Kings of Leon Aficionados out there, though it does not exactly measure up against some of their other EPs, such as the Holy Roller Novocain EP and the What I Saw EP.

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