Kings of Leon: Holy Roller Novocain EP California Waiting & What I Saw EP Talihina Skies

On these EPs you will find some great Kings of Leon tracks that you most likely have never heard of or at least not in the state that they are found here. Any true Kings of Leon fan would find these alternate versions of some of their older songs like Holy Roller Novocain, or a stripped down California Waiting and even the hidden track from Youth and Young Manhood Talihina Skies, a great addition to their music liberary. On hearing these songs you will no doubt make comparisons to the album versions and some of you may like these versions better. These EPs are a must have for any Kings of Leon Fan. Unless you are one of those Only By Night fans that only listens to Sex On Fire over and over again. If you are that kind of Kings of Leon fan then you will probably not be too interested in these EPs, they are only for the KOL true believers (or so to speak).

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