My Grey Horse | The Let Me Know (About the Waves) Video

The English band My Grey Horse is set to release The Marley Banks EP in mid-February of 2012.  As a taste of things to come the band has produced a music video featuring one of the EP’s songs, Let Me Know (About the Waves).  As with My Grey Horse’s last music video for the song Waste of Air, band member Peter Butler helmed the director’s chair. The opening sequence to the video is reminiscent of what you might see in a Wes Anderson film; it visually engages the viewer with its vibrant colours and scenic view while someone behaves in a slightly odd and entertaining manner.  It shouldn’t be any surprise that a music video set on a sunny beach would have an upbeat rhythm and an energetic chorus, which is exactly what you get with Let Me Know (About the Waves). The latest from My Grey Horse serves as a reminder that there are still some bands working hard to produce quality music accompanied by entertaining videos.   

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