My Grey Horse | The Saltway EP

The English band My Grey Horse has recently released their second EP entitled The Saltway. The five-piece band consists of three Butler brothers John, Peter and Oobah the rest of the group is made up by Tom Mott and Joe Nickln. Just like the band’s first self-titled the four tracks that populate EP The Salway do not disappoint. First things first, the album art for this EP is fantastic. The band doesn’t seem to shy away from its equestrian related name, popping a prominent grey horse on the EP’s cover. The image looks like it was pulled from the LSD induced hallucinations of marionette theatre worker.  

The first cut is Johnny Edson and it starts off as something similar to Modest Mouse but evolves into something else altogether.  This song really draws its energy from the drums and less from the vocals; it all ends though in a slow burn resolution. Track two, Smiles Free is more of a straightforward punk rock number, the vocals are suitably inaudible and all of the instruments rattle off in haze to a melody appropriate for fast driver’s ambiance. Tug of Warcraft and Waste of Air close out The Saltway in a strong way. Both tracks have more of a You’ll Never Learn feel, a track from the band’s previous effort.

So, how does this new EP stack up against My Grey Horse’s first one? The answer is, nicely.  EPs are always a taste of what’s to come and The Saltway is hopefully just that.

Prediction: The cover of My Grey Horse’s first full length album will feature a giant top hat wearing grey horse working a troll marionette.     

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