White Lies | Ritual is Good Gloomy Fun

The U.K.’s White Lies have released their second full length album called Ritual. As with their first offering, White Lies latest album is just as steeped in overly dramatic ballads that are filled with never ending exclamations of love and pain. It’s just what 2011 needed a bit of throwback 80s themed goodness in the same vain as The Cure. White Lies may be the kind of music you are embraced to play with acquaintances or even friends present, for fear they may judge you harshly for your overly dramatic taste in music, but who cares. While Lies is gloomy pulp rock, their songs revolve around tales of sorrow and heartache the likes of which haven’t been seen since John Cusack raised his “Boombox” above his head in that movie Say Anything. The lyrics have an entertainment value beyond that which was obviously intended by those who penned them.

Ritual might not be the height of musical creativity but it is enjoyable in its own way.        

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