Brian Jonestown Massacre | A Review of Who Killed Sgt. Pepper

Who Killed Sgt Pepper (Dig)Brian Jonestown Massacre is set to release their eleventh studio album on Feb 23rd. The band has gone through an impressive number of members since its formation in 1990. Former members number in the dozens. All but Anton Newcombe, one of the founding members of Brian Jonestown Massacre have come and gone. Being one of the only constants in the band, Newcombe can safely be considered the heart of this long standing band. You can hear how much the psychedelic music of the 60s has a role in the music of Brian Jonestown Massacre, its palpable through the lyrics and underlined rhythms.
As for Who Killed Sgt. Pepper, the title is obviously alluding to the heavily psychedelically influenced Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lone Hearts Club Band. If this is the case, doesn’t it make you wonder what original band member Newcombe thinks of the current state of the slowly building roots rock/psychedelica. The likes of which can be heard in acts like Dr. Dog, Sunset Rubdown and Silent League. Getting back to Who Killed Sgt. Pepper, distortion plays an important part on most tracks, filtering through the drums like so much auditory energy. Some tracks stand out with very catchy though anti-pop chorus, such as Lets Go Fucking Mental that has a title that bares the same name. Detka! Detka! Detka! a track off of the album sung in Russian, the title itself meaning something like ‘Baby! Baby! Baby!’ as in ‘Baby I’m amazed!’, a song that stands apart from any other on Who Killed Sgt. Pepper only in language. The tone and style all remain stylistically similar throughout the album and even in Russian you still know who you are listening to.

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