We All Have Hooks For Hands | The Shape Of Energy

What is the best thing to come out of South Dakota since Deadwood? Answer, the indie folk act We All Have Hooks For Hands, and they have just come out with a new album very appropriately entitled The Shape Of Energy. Energy is the best way to describe this falsetto blasting group, the album is fast paced and in comparison to other folk acts that have come out with albums this year, e.g. M. Ward, Monsters Of Folk, We All Have Hooks For Hands resonates a near dreamy positive glow. Unlike the contemporaries mentioned, We All Have Hooks For Hands steer clear of the introverted ballads paced at the speed of a broken heart. Not to make to direct of a comparison but the album, The Shape Of Energy feels a lot like the first release of Band Of Horses a few years back. Mostly because of the vocal work of Tim Evenson and Eli Show, who both have Jane’s Addiction high vocal ranges. Driven by the heavy footed drum progressions and the energetic guitar portions, the haze The Shape Of Energy leaves the listener in is almost euphoric. Even though the band is slightly rough around the edges in terms of song structure and the variety is a bit lacking on this album, it all sort of works for the band. As an alterative to all of the weepy eye inducing indie folk acts out there We All Have Hooks For Hands has just the right amount of positive energy to bring life to the most conservative of music libraries. Key tracks on The Shape of Energy are; Howlina And Bellowing, Made Up Of Tiny Lights, California, Bring Me Home.

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