Via Audio | Animalore

Via Audio are a band based out of New York. Although formed in Boston, they have been making waves in New York for some time now. Their latest album Animalore due out March 2010 is deeply rooted in dance inspired melodies. The cuts that populate the album have qualities of other contemporaries, making playful use of near Passion Pit synth portion accompanied by straight forward lyrics about making babies or love making in general. Definitely more of a pop album than anything else in the first half, Animalore is fun while at the same time provides the emotional experience that any good album should, which is, for the most part delivered in the second half of the album. In its second half the album, takes on a more subdued tone often interlacing funk fueled guitar rhythms with electronic backbeats.

Click on the following link to listen to their new single "Babies".
Via Audio's Single "Babies" - FILTER Mag

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