Metric | Plug In Plug Out

Metric came out with a new album, Fantasies yearly in the year. As a type of alt-rock with a deep electronic foundation, Metric is a fine example of what happens when you take classically trained musicians put them in Montreal, then mix. This is just what happened in the formative years of the band, all members coming from some kind of Arts background whether it be training in Juilliard (James Shaw) or being the daughter of a well known poet (Emily Haines). Their newest major offering is more ethereal if not confused than pervious albums. Later in the year Metric released an acoustic collection of five songs called Plug In Plug Out, that for some, dwarfed their major release of Fantasies. Songs from Fantasies that might be considered the best if not the only good songs of the album, were Gimme Sympathy (acoustic), Help I'm Alive, Satellite Mind, all of which ended up on Plug In Plug Out plus Twilight Galaxy and Gold Guns Girls. This may seem like a merger sort of album only having five tracks however, they are the highlights from Fantasies put to more appropriate musical settings. Plug In Plug Out showcases was makes Metric a great band, which may have been called into question by some in regards to Fantasies. Many people like the Fantasies album most likely because they had not heard the older albums of Metric which were more apt and properly represented the talent of the band.

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