Dead Leaf Echo | On Their New Vinyl & Shoegazers In General

Gotta love vinyl, and that is exactly what Dead Leaf Echo, a shoegazer band for New York is releasing in limited quantities. It’s an old timey 7inch featuring their new single Half-Truth; the B-side is a previously unreleased cut by the name of Babyeyes. What little we have heard of Dead Leaf Echo we like and the release a vinyl album is a large step for such a small band. It should be noted though, that Deaf Leaf Echo is not the only interesting shoegazer band based out of NYC. Asobi Seksu only recently came out with a very good full length album called Rewolf. But here is a question that has been on our minds, what is the real difference between the European style of shoegazers as seen in bands like The Whitest Boy Alive or The Mary Onettes, and these North American based ones like Deaf Leaf Echo and Asobi Seksu? All of whom, mind you, are very good bands.

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