The XX | Self Titled Album | The Substance of the 80’s

Hailing from London this 80’s inspired band possess what the 80’s itself lacked all together, substance over style. As with most people of a certain generation, when it comes to 80’s music there is both a love and embarrassment. It doesn’t matter, the 80’s for all intents and purposes was an era of larger than life music, hair, clothes, and all of it was done without any thoughts of being “too much”. That was the beauty of that time, there was never “too much” of anything. And the music of that time was not an exception, especially the pop music, Cindy Lopper, Flock Of Seagulls, Lover Boy. 80’s pop music did not age well, and it was because it was all big hair and bandanas. As a decade most often remembered negatively, we forget that it also saw the rise and height of some truly amazing bands, The Cure, The Ramones, U2. The legacy of the 80’s and the quality sounds that came out of it can be heard all over the airwaves now more than ever. From The Killers and their Cure like melodies to more direct descendants who have taken it upon themselves to revive the genre. 2009 has seen a few outstanding examples of such a revival, in The White Lies, Let’s Wrestle and now XX.

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