Sweet Thing: A Band To Watch Out For

They sounds like Queen and are so indie that they don’t have a label or a full album out yet. But they do have a self titled EP. If the lead singer of this band can rock solid white daisy dukes like Freddie Mercury at Montreal circa 1980, then he can gladly take the rains of this very underdeveloped powerpop style. If Freddie Mercury were still alive he would have wanted a band like Sweet Thing to take his place and allow those in need of rocking to be rocked. The name itself of this Toronto based band is a tip of the hat to the now long gone band which brought us a whole catalogue of music to enjoy on a personal basis, (think of the Highlander Soundtrack) to the background music for almost every sporting event any of us has been to in the past two decades. Though you cannot get this bands album, it is important to give everyone a heads-up as it were, and say that this band hailing from the most hated city in Canada will soon be known as the band that ushered in a new era of beloved powerpop. Hopefully, Sweet Thing will live up to its potential, and concocted a few tracks equal in power to the likes of Queen’s, Bicycle, Another One Bites the Dust, and of course the themes to both the Highlander and Flash Gordon. All that is going to melt in the pot has come to pass and what we are left with is all that was and all that will be. All hail the gods of Rock.

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