Camera Obscura: My Maudlin Career

Oddly ethereal and refined, Camera Obscura puts other bands of the same sort to shame. Namely, She & Him and Mat & Kim are the only true contemporaries of Camera Obscura since all three bands are essentially reincarnations of Jonny Cash era duets. Not that Camera Obscura is a duet style band, that is kind of what makes this band better than the other one’s mentioned, Tracyanne Campbell lead singer has vocals that are both sultry and fluid. Tracyanne Campbell voice is what makes this band, the sound of the band and style of singing accompany each other well, it’s just that Campbell brings something uniquely tangible to such an odd and often overlooked style of music. Camera Obscura is a part of the neo-folk movement which seems to have entered the mainstreams eye line with its combination of new and old musical styling’s. But what it comes down to is that Camera Obscura stands above the rest as better in vocals and musical composition.

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