The Big Pink | A Brief History Of Love | An Indie Blog Shot Review

At first listen to this emerging band out of East London, you get a sense of erratic stimulus. The entire album seems to be dedicated to the expression of noise as the distorted angst of the heart. It’s all in the title of the album, A Brief History Of Love seem to capture something through its Feedback riddled melodies. The two members that make up this band, Milo Cordell and Robbie Furze have an extensive musical background one in music production the other as an accomplished guitarist. With all this experience the duo has created an album with the touch of the undefined and admittedly at some points the inspired. Possibly in spite of it, as some seasoned musicians seem to go a bit far when let loose to combine and create new hybrid genres such as this one, which is a kind of darkly ethereal version of Placebo. As an album A Brief History Of Love has legs and grows in its definition the more times you listen to it. At first it’s noisy and feedback filled, then after that it becomes more resounding and you can hear the simple yet provocatively driven pop like choruses. After a while The Big Pink’s album has found its way into your introspective lonely heart club portion of your music library, and it will be there to stay. Key track off of this album are, To Young To Love, Dominos, and Count Backwards From Ten.

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