Discovery LP: A Review

The Discovery LP is the collective realization of two bands Ra Ra Riot and Vampire Weekend. What they have created is not what you would expect as a listener of both bands, with a very heavy electro feel to it you might be feeling confused when listening to the collaborative effort. As the union between the producer/ keyboardist of Vampire Weekend Rostam Batmanglij and the lead singer of Ra Ra Riot Wes Miles you would expect a kind of manic mix of the two bands, not so. Apparently, when you mix the bands together you get a trippy version of Moby, but with better vocals. The 10 track LP is filled with electronic sounds that are more fitting the club than coeds pre-class ear buds, the fact is this album would make Benny Banazi proud. For followers of the bands they might find themselves longing for the original more organic sounds of the members’ main bands. Discovery is more of a response to the electronica sounds of bands such as MGMT and Passion Pit. This album holds its ground against those mentioned bands combining Wes Miles voice with Rostam Batmanglij electronic take on music. There is even a remix of one of Ra Ra Riot’s best tracks, Can You Tell re-titled and packaged in Can You Discover?. The album is well sung and well put together and it speaks to the fans of this reemerging genre. And in its own way, does incorporate some of the elements that made us so attracted to Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot. Nevertheless, the album bodes well for both bands as an expression of their artistic cooperation and creativity.
Release Date July 7th
Track List: Discovery LP
Orange Shirt
Osaka Loop Line
Can You Discover
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
So Insane
Swing Tree
I want You Back
It’s not my Fault (It’s My Fault)
Slang Tang

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