Neko Case: Middle Cyclone

Who is this Neko Case? A voice that’s as familiar as it is implacable, Neko Case has been apart of Canada’s most unrecognizable export for years, and its not soft wood lumber or Brian Adams. Neko Case has been the better part of the New Pornographers lead vocals, but don’t box her in. Case has released eight solo projects over the years, making good use of her velvety soft vocals, in a style that has been more country western than the indie pop rock we have heard here in with the New Pornographers. But in her latest album Middle Cyclone, there has been a distinct shift away from the heavily country influences, which for the most part put off fans trying to follow Case off of the success of the New Pornographers last album Challengers. Let’s put it this way in previous Neko Case sole albums we heard a style more akin to the likes of Shania Twain, while in this album we are more in the Ryan Adams territory. Kind of a bridge between country and alterative rock, a nomads land where artist like Ryan Adams, Deer Tick, and Aimee Mann dabble oh so sweetly in. You can Add Niko Case to that list, as Middle Cyclone offers us a kind of gentile recounting of acts of love hate and all the things that make up the tapestry of musical lyrics. With a voce like Neko Case there is little that comes out that does not have some appeal. That does not mean that there are not a few gems to pay special attention on this album, People Got A Lotta Nerve, I’m an Amimal these two will no doubt have a resounding affect on any listeners.

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