Elephant Stone: The Seven Seas

Elephant Stone’s new album The Seven Seas offers a distinct sound with a mix of 60’s era vocals, softly driven guitar rhythm culminating in this new fusion called Hindie Rock. Unique to say the least, Elephant Stone has created an album which crosses certain genres and blends them with seamless ease. A pop album to be sure, The Seven Seas offers the listener a very refined, well thought out sound that is pleasant to listen to and has enough layers for further consideration. As a Montreal based band Elephant Stone is part of the almost endless supply of creative musicians coming together and creating music independently, allowing the idea behind of the music to form freely, no matter how odd the concept of them may sound. As a result we get new and interesting sounds that, as in the case of Elephant Stone, intrigue and entertain us. An interesting expression of music and a style in its own realm, it is worth a listen by those not afraid of a bit of Hindie in their pop rock. The best songs of the album are, How Long, I Am Blind, Oh Heartbreak.

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