Billy Talent: Billy Talent III

Billy Talent III the very creatively titled album recently released by Billy Talent a band which has reached the heights of success with there own brand of angry punk rock. As tight as the new album may be, it lacks the raw power of the band’s older work. It would be nice to say that this album is just the same old Billy Talent and leave it at that, but the band has moved through different phases and they have become progressively more limp-dicked as time has gone by. Billy Talent III, relies more on the plateau factor than any real innovation. Plateau Factor? You see once an indie band such as Billy Talent emerges from its humble starts, playing in pubs and at parties, and they make a name for themselves then they become locked into a SOUND. With Billy Talent that sound, was good, a style which throbbed with angry energy and marked a generation with a few serious power songs that could kick off anything and maintained. Though, that same sound from then on is the identity of the band and is how others identify also the band, that is when the plateau factor occurs. It is an ugly fact, but we can say that Billy Talent came, saw and conquered… with their first couple of albums and now it is time for them to change or fade away.

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