As a musician or representative of a musician who has just clicked on the Indie Blog Shot “Submission” button you must be asking yourself, so what’s next? The following steps are simple enough. For music submissions just send an email to with the following attached. A small bio about the band or artist, the album art, a link to download the album (mediafire’s service works well), social media links related to the band or artist such as Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp. 

If you are looking to submit a music video or a music documentary of sorts about the band you represent then send to and follow these steps.  Include a brief explanation of what sort of video you are submitting, who created it, what or who it pertains to and a link to the video where the HTML code should be available to embed on other sites, i.e. Indie Blog Shot.

If you are interested in having your event or concert promoted on Indie Blog Shot just send your press package to the email given above. Your event will be considered on an interest based scale that ranges from “Who Cares” to “Can’t Miss”.

All submissions will be reviewed by our editor however only those chosen will be contacted via email to confirm a review, write-up or announcement.  Contact is usually made within one week of a submission; if your submission has not been replied to by then you most likely will not be contacted. 


Lew Anderson


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