Knox Hamilton | The Great Hall EP Review

Knox Hamilton is an up and coming band hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas. Their brand of music could be described as indie dance pop, electronic or even 70s reboot disco. One thing’s for certain though, their latest EP The Great Hall, is quite a bit of fun. Filled with tight hooks and danceable melodies this EP is packed with excellent tracks. The first track Work It Out opens up with a bit of an instrumental portion that has a very full and consuming feel to it on account of the background synth. The chorus for this track is pop perfection. Belting out “I know we can work it out”, when pertaining to a relationship, as it does in the context of this song, carries with it both a sense of optimism and youthful naiveté that melds perfectly with the upbeat cadence of the song. Another notable track on the EP is Ameritown, which is a synth heavy dance song with a simple enough premise… dancing, and sometimes that’s enough.  This EP seems to be a perfect fit for summer listening, it’s short, fun and capable of making a pleasant memory.

If you have been paying attention to the imposing trends in much of the music that has come out in the last year or so, you most likely have noticed the influx of disco inspired intros, picking progressions and structure. This is the trend and Knox Hamilton has tapped into it and you can listen to them on their bandcamp page here.