Painted Palms | Nothing Lasts Long EP

Painted Palms are an alternative rock band that call San Francisco home. They recently came out with an EP called Nothing Last Long and among other things, has characteristics that make it perfect for summer listening. What might strike you upon first listening to Painted Palms is just how similar the vocal style is to that of The Shins frontman James Mercer. It should be said though, Painted Palms are not some kind of derivative impersonators, and their style has a distinctively west coast vibe.

The highlight of the Nothing Last Long EP comes right on its final cut with Anna. Anna is an incredibly upbeat pop number with a dreamy refrain that takes a bit from The Beatles but there’s nothing wrong with injecting a touch of nostalgia to go along with this song’s bright imagery. EPs always just give you a little taste of what a band is like and a sort of feel for what their future projects might sound like and Nothing Lasts Long does that very well.  Another nice thing about this EP is that it is completely free on their Bandcamp web page, so now you have no excuse not to get it.