Clinic | Free Reign A Review

Clinic is a band from Liverpool England that has a new album that came out November 13th. The question every well versed music listener asks themselves before they are offered a new album is why? Why would I want to dedicate any amount of my time to a band I have not heard of, care about or have any vestige of interest?  If you have any interest in bands such as the formative Tommy James and the Shondells, the band that gave us Crimson and Clover, you might feel a draw to Clinic’s new album.  Their latest album Free Reign is laced with psychedelic rhythms that drone on like a well-timed whiskey high.  Some of the tracks even bring to mind The Doors. This is most likely by design, however the effort put forth by the band is a reward in itself, demonstrating an underlining appreciation for the classics while not falling prey to the unwanted title of copycat or mere imitator. There are a few tracks that lack any real memorable moments on Free Reign but the good definitely outweighs any bad on this compelling new album from Clinic.  

But let’s all be honest, this past fall has not been a hotbed of musical invocation or even anything relatively listenable.  Maybe independent artists are just pushing off releasing their albums until the New Year so they can put some finishing touches on them during the Christmas break. Here’s to hoping.

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