Dum Dum Girls | End of Daze EP Review

The California based band Dum Dum Girls have been putting out music since 2008 and have managed to release two full length LPs to some critical acclaim. The style and character of Dum Dum Girls is really a combination of rattling atmospheric rock and pop drone, think of The Jesus and Mary Chain with a dash Simple Minds, all sung by a female lead.  Recently, the band has released an EP called End of Daze which carries the distinct character of a band that’s hitting its stride. At only five tracks the EP rattles off with a steady pacing, the lyrics are filled with dreary imagery suitable for the impending October rains.

The End of Daze EP does not miss a beat with any of its tracks, as if what they have produced is some kind of Dum Dum Girls concentrate. This is an EP not to be missed by music fans anywhere.  

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