Holograms | A Review of Their Self-Titled Album

The Holograms are a post punk band from Stockholm and have released a new album filled with hard hitting rhythms and dripping with energy. Punk music came about in the U.K. during a time of economic troubles and obvious case differences in society, not unlike now.  So it makes sense that a return to this satisfyingly angry style of music would happen. What else will fight off the corporately created likes of One Direction. The fate of all ruffians does not lie entirely on the shoulders of the Holograms, but they are a nice addition to the fight.

A punk band with an electronic flare isn’t a new thing but there is something compelling about this Swedish band’s take on the genre. Laced with driven guitar riffs and tightly woven lyrics the Holograms have, with this self-titled album turned out something that is rather memorable mostly due to the strong choruses that pop up throughout the album. Orpheo has a killer chorus which is essentially a one word anthem; it just seems to burst out of the speakers with a life of its own.  Then there is the track Stress, it has an electronic backed with a bit of surfer rock vibe, when the lead singer hits the chorus of this track leans on the word Stress like a champ, which might sound like a small thing but the devils in the details as they say, and this band has managed to work the punk genre very well.

The self-titled album of the Holograms is loaded with great songs that harken back to songs like London Calling and God Save The Queen. But the album does leave the listener wondering why the lead singer in a Swedish band sounds like he has an English accent?       

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