The Band In Heaven | Looking at the Music Video for Sludgy Dreams

Florida based The Band In Heaven has released a new EP called HoZac. The band’s musical style is best known as Dream Pop, not because it somehow emanates a sweet berry smell that attracts adolescence but on account of how their music exists and resonates in brief imaginative manner.   The release of HoZac has been accompanied by a new music video by the band for the song Sludgy Dreams.  The music video for Sludgy Dreams is perhaps a reflection of the underlying artistic concept behind The Band In Heaven.  The video it filled with religious imagery matched with what looks like classic erotica these images are also accompanied by some handcrafted constructions. All of this creates a surreal stage for Sludgy Dream to be played out on, filled with ancient and unreal elements. The end result is a music video with a unique aesthetic appeal and a glimpse within the mind of those who created it.   

the band in Heaven - Sludgy Dreams from the band in Heaven on Vimeo.


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