Henry Wolfe | Linda Vista A Review

You all have one. It’s that go-to album that you never really listen to, but can always be left on in the background of your house or during the morning commute.  A pleasant ambiance that you know can be artificially attained just by playing it. Henry Wolfe’s album Linda Vista is one of those atmospheric albums that keeps a steady mood throughout and doesn’t really have a bad song on it. The California based solo act has a style similar to that of Kings of Convenience but with a southwestern bluesy flare.

Detractors of Wolfe’s musical style may consider some of the tracks little more than the dressed up elevator music to be played/sold at local Starbucks.  This may not be completely untrue in that Henry Wolfe’s music will no doubt be played in coffee houses and yes maybe even department stores that actually still have elevators with music being played in them.  However, there is always room in one’s musical library for a little bit of easy listening. It’s pleasant. It’s relaxing. It’s ornate and has well-crafted and well performed songs.  

Henry Wolf’s music may not be what you will be putting on your IPods workout playlist to get yourself keyed-up but it just might be the cure for road rage on your way into work.   

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