The Big Pink | A Review of Future This

The Big Pink is an English band based out of East London. Their debut album, A Brief History of Love was met with critical praise when it was released back in 2009.  It’s hazy distortion riddled music were softened by the almost pop like tones that the more popular tracks off the album exuded. And with their follow up album, Future This, the band does not stray far from the path they cut with A Brief History of Love.   

The two main members that make up this band, Milo Cordell and Robbie Furze have an extensive musical background one in music production the other as an accomplished guitarist. With all this experience and the success of their first album behind them, the band has created a follow up with Future This that contains the same style as their debut. The problem is Future This lacks much of the heart and energy the band’s first album had in spades.

It might just be that after The Big Pink came out with A Brief History of Love music listeners became inundated with similar musical releases. Throughout 2010 there were a number of albums that came out by an almost innumerable and unmemorable indie acts. Perhaps as a result of this oversaturation of this big sound, which is at its core deeply poppy electro rock, we have collectively fallen out of love with this once considered innovative reimagining of a bygone musical style.

There is nothing inherently wrong with Future This. It hits all of the same musical heights as its predecessor. The lyrics even have a less dreary tone to them, this should make the album resonate more with its listeners as it is loaded with well-formed anthems.  

If this album was released in early 2010 it would have received a much warmer welcome from the listening community.  Future This only fails on account of it being released in 2012.    

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