Transmission Party | A Review of Transmission Party

The sole member of Transmission Party comes from Millbrook New York and he has managed to create a memorable number of tracks. His name is TJ Byrnes and he seems to take his musical cues mainly from British Psychedelic.  When it comes to independent releases like that of Byrnes they often fall prey to the one note syndrome, in that every track of the album has an almost identical beat and lyrical content. Only a few musicians can succeed in creating a singular atmosphere for their album while not making every track sound like the one that came before it. Byrnes also has a knack for making great pop hooks and the chorus for Beautiful Breakdown is proof enough of this particular talent.

Transmission Party is similar in style to another current band with Psychedelic influences called Dumbo Gets Mad which hails from Italy. Both bands are a part of a growing neo Psychedelic movement that is more of a phenomenon that exists solely in the peripheries of main stream music. Perhaps it is in part because of all of the pageantry associated with soulless pop music, the sort that is created by musicians who are more occupied with celebrity than with song. Byrnes collection of songs are available for download on his web page.

Take a look at his music video for Beautiful Breakdown. It has a slight hind of Halloween goodness.



Uniform Motions | One Frame Per Second

Uniform Motion is set to release its third studio album called One Frame Per Second. The album itself has a number of good tracks on it, but the music video that was created for the single, I Was Crushed By A Forty-Foot Man is simply mesmerizing. This little paper cut out of what looks like a storybook illustration goes on a woodland adventure which follows the music. This is a perfect example of how a simple inexpensive concept can be used to make a very good music video.   

Forty Foot Man from Uniform Motion on Vimeo.