Deer Tick | Divine Providence Review

Deer Tick is an indie folk rock band that has been making a good impression for the past few years on a number of discerning ears. Shit that rhymed, which in fact is rather apropos when talking about a band that in the past have produced very impressive narrative driven songs. Their 2010 album Black Dirt Sessions contained a number of deep thought provoking tracks such as the wildly emotional Goodbye, Dear Friends and The Sad Sun. Tracks like these turned the atmosphere of this album into something powerful and memorable. For the new album Divine Providence, Deer Tick has gone in a different direction, perhaps as a result of having to perform the deep and soulful tracks of Black Dirt Sessions over and over again during their last tour. In the new album the tone is far lighter, this album demonstrates the more playful side of this band, leaning on a more bar background friendly subject matter; namely, drinking, playing and much too much of both.

Chevy Express is by far the best track off of this new album. It’s with tracks like Chevy Express that Deer Trick really hits their stride; the lyrics are thoughtful and paced in a style that just sucks you right into a world of their creation. Then there is the booze ballad, Let’s All Go to The Bar on this album. It is more of a fun track that embodies the spirit of a good night of heavy drinking out without any omissions or apologies. Divine Providence is a welcome lighter addition to the Deer Tick catalogue.    

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