Clem Snide | Taking A Look at Journey

The three piece based out of NY City has released yet another album for the forlorn heart. About a year ago Clem Snide released Meat of Life, an album which for all intents and purposes was a delightful smalts fest. The Meat of Life may just have the most sappy, heartfelt song made in the last ten years called Denver. Sweet Jesus that song is sappy but in the best possible way, when you can sing a song about how he knocked up an under aged girl and then confess this wildly horrible action to your long time love. What a song. Their latest album called is a tribute to the legendary band Journey but it bares all the marks of this band, it’s an extension of their creative force.

Not unlike the project created by Beck, to recreate some amazing albums from the past but with current artists, Clem Snide has taken on the lofty challenge of reimagining some of the most recognizable songs within our culture. This band’s rendition of Journey’s Any Way You Want It is the love song of the summer, if the summer wasn’t already over. It’s slowly paced and tightly executed and has a softness the original version just wasn’t intended to have.  If you are looking for some sentimental 80s throwback Journey goodness, then this album is for you.

Rodney Dangerfield would be proud.

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