Bombay Bicycle Club | A Review of A Different Kind Of Fix

A Different Kind Of FixBombay Bicycle Club is an English indie band that has released a new album called A Different Kind Of Fix. This latest album has a definite penchant for the dream pop vibe.  Some might think that the band has taken a new direction, stylistically, if they had only listened to their last album Flaws. You see 2010’s Flaws album was essentially an indie folk album laced with acoustic guitars. That is not the case, with the band’s first album there was more than enough electric guitar and catchy pop hooks. That being said, A Different Kind Of Fix is more of a return to form and it is quite impressive.

Like any good album A Different Kind Of Fix has some standout tracks. The first track off of this album How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep is a slow burning one that nicely reintroduces you to the band with this delicately driven song. The second track, Bad Timing, feels like a mixture between the Foals and Silversun Pickups. The last real standout is the track Beggars, it features some excellent pacing and percussion. The album as a whole is rather good, but the tracks mentioned above are the real highlight and make this album more than just another one of those indie albums that should have stayed an idea of a would be artist.    

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