Team Genius | Taking a Look at Pop Song

The term pop song is often associated with a style of music that is over played on the radio and has no real enduring substance. Then there is the flip side of the whole idea of a pop song, in that it’s popular, and popular for a reason. The reason behind why good pop songs are popular should have little to do with how much advertisement they receive and more to do with how well they capture and reflect the spirit of the age. That brings us to Team Genius. The band was formed in New York City some time in 2007 and they have a unique talent, they are: “really good at making big catchy pop songs.” The six members of the band have set out to release several EPs over the course of 2011 and 2012; the first of which is titled Pop Songs. This EP, which came out August 23rd, consists of four tracks that put out a sort of playfulness and energy that would capture the hearts and minds anyone fortunate enough to hear them. At some points the band feels like a fusion of the Ramones and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, but when the keyboard takes center stage in tracks like Home you are reminded that Team Genius have their own identity. For a relatively new band, they certainly have found a groove when it comes to their sound; it’s fun, catchy and filled with great hooks. Essentially, what you would look for in any good pop music. And if this was Team Genius’s goal, mission accomplished.

You can check out Team Genius’s music at their band camp web page here

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