The Matrimonials | About Their Album New Jams to Slam In Your Jam Box

The four boys who make up The Matrimonials are set to release their new album New Jams to Slam In Your Jam Box. Before we get into anything about the band, let’s just study the title of the album for a moment.  At first glance one might think that the new album’s title is just terrible and poorly thought out. New Jams to Slam in Your Jam Box doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue.  But you would be forgetting one thing, in order to appreciate the music of The Matrimonials’ you need to put yourself in a playful mindset. Think back to when you were a teenaged dirt-bag and then read the title of the album again. Jam Box is obviously referring to something else, what else is referred to as a box and can be slammed?

After the immature part of you stops chuckling at the pussy joke in the album’s name and you start to listen to what this foursome from Baltimore have produced you just might be impressed.  Consisting of mostly rattle and hum punk rock tracks The Matrimonials have a familiar tone with rough lo-fi edges. This band isn’t about creating ornate introspective indie folk rock pieces that can comfortably be played in the background of your local Starbucks. No The Matrimonials sing songs like Ryhthym and Booze, a song that touts a bantering conversation with an abused liver and the person philosophy of many people, that life is better when you’re fat and full of booze.     

That is essentially what you get with The Matrimonials, a playful, energetic style of music with wonderfully juvenile undertone.  However, this album does lack some of the magic from the last one. There is no Taylor Swift type of song on New Jams to Slam In Your Jam Box, which is slightly disappointing. 

Now here is a video of the band having a sophisticated talk on politics. 

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