Graham Wright | Shirts VS Skins

Do you have a deep-seated hate for sweater wearing cool kids and a strange fascination with soviet era spy satellites while inebriated? If you do, you may have a new go-to album. Graham Wright of the Toronto based band Tokyo Police Club is releasing a solo album and it’s called Shirts VS Skins. The first impression that the album may give you is that Graham Wright is a cheeky bastard with a penitent for writing lyrics that will make you laugh.  The lyrics in Shirts VS Skins are not the only selling point on this solo endeavour of Wright’s. No, the playful structure of the songs give you as the listener the sense that there is real momentum behind each track. The first song on the album Chucklefucks, is a prime example of Wright’s cheeky style, with its deeply insulting lyrics sung ever so genteelly.  And after you hear it, the song does make you wonder; who will pick up all those cups and plates after the Chucklefuck’s party is done.  Was that’s Wright’s job?

Soviet Race is another highlight from this album. It combines a pleasant pop melody with a nerdy underlying story surrounding soviet era paranoia.  Evening Train from Kingston Station is another oddly strong track, simply because of how it just explodes unexpectedly in the middle.

Graham Wright’s Shirts VS Skins album is full of light-hearted songs, perfect company for the summer month.  

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