He's My Brother She's My Sister

He's My Brother She's My Sister EPLet’s play a game. Name a band that has dueling siblings as lead vocalists, an affinity for covering David Bowie tracks and uses a tiny tap dancer for background percussion? The answer is an up and coming band that goes by the name He’s My Brother She’s My Sister and their music is something that may just excite you. The band is a six-piece that hails from L.A., so they have a bit of a penchant for the theatrical. Not the least of which is Robert Kolar’s (the male side of the vocals) affinity for Slash style top hats.  As well, in place of a drum kit the band uses a full body percussionist whose tap dancing you can hear on almost every one of the band’s tracks.  

Their sound is similar to that of She and Him, in that, it’s quite mellow with country duet style influences, though it’s more charming than any country song that you may have heard of late.  On their debut EP the band has this amazing rendition of David Bowie’s (sorry Arnold Corns) Moonage Daydream. Their single How'm I Gonna Get Back Home Tonight best illustrates where this band’s strengths are, in playing songs that are both familiar and authentic. The original material on the EP is quite good, but for the Bowie fan, the low key reimagining of this classic piece of 70s glam rock is the sweetest sort of musical treat.

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister also recently opened for Alexander and Fam of Edward Sharpe and the Magentic Zeroes. That should not be much of a surprise because they seem to share the same underlining artistic momentum, that being, a drive to produce music that is both reminiscent of a bygone era but also bringing with it an authentic sense of musical glee. It is fun to play with the medium of music and He’s My Brother She’s My Sister is all about playing. In fact, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister will be performing at Mississippi Studios in the Portland area on June 27th

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