Handsome Furs | Sound Kapital

Sound KapitalThe Montreal indie rock duo, Handsome Furs are set to release their third effort on June 28th of this year called Sound Kapital.  Handsome Furs are more than just a musical duo, the two members Alexei Perry and Dan Boeckner are husband and wife. You can think of them as the Sonny and Cher of the indie electro punk underground. They travel all around the world together performing their music. In fact, the CNN news channel thought that the two of them were interesting enough to be given their very own documentary style web series called “Indie Asia: On Tour with Handsome Furs”.      

The band’s sound has changed, leaning almost entirely on the keyboard portions that accompany Dan Boeckner’s vocals. In their previous album Face Control there was always quite a bit of guitar in each track, but this album feels even more heavily influenced by synth 80s pop than its predecessor.  However, Sound Kapital is anything but pop music. It might have some of the club friendly beats that litter the some backgrounds of tracks like What About Us, but that is where the commercial side of the album comes to a close.  It might be worth mentioning that the album art also reinforces the idea that Sound Kapital is exactly for the musical meat and potatoes of your average yuppie.

For fans of the Handsome Furs, Sound Kapital is a nice throwback to the band’s first album Plague Park. The major difference being that Plague Park was a far more somber album while Sound Kapital is more playful.  The keyboard portions on this album have a pace that could best be described as brisk. Like any Handsome Furs album Sound Kapital will no doubt take time to grow on listeners. In the end though, this new album only adds weight to the growing achievements of this little band from Montreal.

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