Sunshine | A Review of Karmageddon

Sunshine, a band from the Czech Republic city of Prague is set to release a new album that will no doubt find some commercial appeal called Karmageddon. The album is yet another expression of the Post Punk genre of music, Sunshine’s version is a very down to earth style that is in keeping with the tone any punk band should have but also has the accessibility of any popular radio single. The four members of Sunshine have not reinvented the wheel with Karmageddon. However, what they have produced is easy and pleasant to listen to. Some key tracks off of Karmageddon are; Today (is Not the Day), Neny and The Night is on Fire.

And despite what one of the lyrics from The Night is on Fire insists, most of the tracks on this album are pop songs and love songs. The good news is they aren’t bad ones.

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