My Morning Jacket | A Review of Circuital

CircuitalJim James is back and it’s not as a Monster of Folk! My Morning Jacket is set to release their sixth studio album called Circuital on May 31st. Circuital is the follow-up album to My Morning Jacket’s breakout hit album Evil Urges, which was met with critical/fan praise. The popularity of Evil Urges even when on to spawn a television episode of Fox’s American Dad that was devoted to the music of Jim James the lead singer of My Morning Jacket. It’s funny that a cartoon could so clearly demonstrate just how the interest in a particular artist can take on an overly intimate tone when fans become too, well, fanatic. Evil Urges in comparison to Circuital was quite eclectic and exuded a certain dream like quality. Circuital has a more down to earth collection of lyrics that are feels as though they come from a place of realization and maturity. 

Don’t be mistaken though, My Morning Jacket is still the same band from Evil Urges. They still draw their influences from classic, psychedelic and country inspired rock. One of the stand outs on the new album is Wonderful (The Way I Feel), a feel good track that is about as easy as easy listening can get, filled with lightly played acoustic guitar and the constant lyrical reminder that James “Feels So Wonder”. Another wonderful track is Outta My System, which chronicles the need for youthful exploits such as drug use, theft and anything fun that generally happens after the clock strikes midnight. The only thing that Circuital is missing, are the true anthems heard on Evil Urges along the lines of I’m Amazed and Smokin from Shootin.  Other than that, My Morning Jacket’s newest album should please critics and fans alike.    

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