Sunshine | A Review of Karmageddon

Sunshine, a band from the Czech Republic city of Prague is set to release a new album that will no doubt find some commercial appeal called Karmageddon. The album is yet another expression of the Post Punk genre of music, Sunshine’s version is a very down to earth style that is in keeping with the tone any punk band should have but also has the accessibility of any popular radio single. The four members of Sunshine have not reinvented the wheel with Karmageddon. However, what they have produced is easy and pleasant to listen to. Some key tracks off of Karmageddon are; Today (is Not the Day), Neny and The Night is on Fire.

And despite what one of the lyrics from The Night is on Fire insists, most of the tracks on this album are pop songs and love songs. The good news is they aren’t bad ones.


Sam Roberts Band | Collider A Review

The Montreal indie rock group Sam Roberts Band is set to release their fourth album Collider. This album comes three years after the band’s last effort Love At The End Of The World, which produced the much loved/hated single Them Kids. Sam Roberts Band has been making waves in Canada for about a decade now, their first single Brother Down was a wide spread radio hit and placed the Quebec based band on the forefront of the Montreal music scene. Although, Sam Roberts Band never gained the world wide acclaim seen by another Montreal band, namely Arcade Fire, the Sam Roberts Band has steadily been making music some amazing and some mediocre. To date, their strongest work came with the 2006 album titled Chemical City, which can be best described as a somber love note to the band’s home town of Montreal.

What is new for Sam Roberts Band on the Collider album? Aside from a slight infusion of rhythm and blues, Collider maintains a status quo in terms of quality, but lacks a lot of the imagination heard in the Chemical City album. If anything this album is a highlight real of the more radio friendly singles produced by the band. Collider isn’t an album that fans will be able to listen to from start to finish without having the urge to hit the skip periodically, due to the overly familiar nature of some of the tracks. However, there are a number of great cuts off of this new album that should draw in new listeners and please seasoned fans alike. Tracks like Sang Froid, No Arrows and Partition Blues will no doubt become favorites of many over the summer. 


My Morning Jacket | A Review of Circuital

CircuitalJim James is back and it’s not as a Monster of Folk! My Morning Jacket is set to release their sixth studio album called Circuital on May 31st. Circuital is the follow-up album to My Morning Jacket’s breakout hit album Evil Urges, which was met with critical/fan praise. The popularity of Evil Urges even when on to spawn a television episode of Fox’s American Dad that was devoted to the music of Jim James the lead singer of My Morning Jacket. It’s funny that a cartoon could so clearly demonstrate just how the interest in a particular artist can take on an overly intimate tone when fans become too, well, fanatic. Evil Urges in comparison to Circuital was quite eclectic and exuded a certain dream like quality. Circuital has a more down to earth collection of lyrics that are feels as though they come from a place of realization and maturity. 

Don’t be mistaken though, My Morning Jacket is still the same band from Evil Urges. They still draw their influences from classic, psychedelic and country inspired rock. One of the stand outs on the new album is Wonderful (The Way I Feel), a feel good track that is about as easy as easy listening can get, filled with lightly played acoustic guitar and the constant lyrical reminder that James “Feels So Wonder”. Another wonderful track is Outta My System, which chronicles the need for youthful exploits such as drug use, theft and anything fun that generally happens after the clock strikes midnight. The only thing that Circuital is missing, are the true anthems heard on Evil Urges along the lines of I’m Amazed and Smokin from Shootin.  Other than that, My Morning Jacket’s newest album should please critics and fans alike.    


Red Light Driver | Taking A Look at Their New EP Celeste Celeste

The Indianapolis band Red Light Driver has released a new EP called Celeste Celeste. The band has a straightforward sound which draws influence from New Wave and Psychedelica. Moreover, Red Light Driver has a very bar friendly sound, you just get this sense, when listening to the new EP, that you will be hearing this band’s music playing in the back ground of a local pub. It’s that sense of familiarity and the excellent execution that makes Celeste Celeste a memorable EP and leaves the listener wanting more. Though there are only six tracks on this EP, it delivers on an overall experience not unlike a good full length album should. You can still hear that leftover residue that all relatively new bands have lightly coating each track, but sometimes it’s those seemingly extraneous parts that make music worth listening to.

When it comes to the release of EPs, the purpose is to make an impression and Celeste Celeste does just that. A good EP should exude an energy that says, this is what we do best, and leave a lasting impression on the listener.  And the resulting impression that Celeste Celeste leaves you with will make you want to see Red Light Driver in concert, which must be a good thing.