Thao & Mirah | A Review of Their Self-Titled Album

Thao Nguyen and Mirah Zeitlyn have teamed up for a Self-Titled album set to be released in late April of 2011. The two paired up to do this collaboration after touring together with their respective bands; Thoa and the Get Down Stay Down and (just) Mirah. Thao and her band came out with a critically well received album not to long ago called, We Brave Bee Stings and All. It was a well crafted indie folk rock album that was reminiscent of Feist’s later work. As for the collaboration between Thao and Mirah, one might be hard pressed to find something negative to say about it. The two singers share the vocal duties on this album and they also manage to pull out some truly amazing harmonies. Their voices blend in a way that would make Simon and Garfunkel envious.

The album itself has a distinct grass roots vibe to it, some tracks even boarder on country. The real standout track on the album is Folks, which leans heavily on the vocals of Thao more so than Mirah, but it’s the horns that make this track subtle and sweet. Thao & Mirah’s album is loaded with tracks of a high caliber that are worth multiple listens.   

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