Chad VanGaalen | Taking a Look At His Latest Album Diaper Island

Chad VanGaalen is a musician who is native to Calgary, Alberta and he has released three albums prior to Diaper Island. It has been about three years since an album release from this artist under his own name.   VanGaalen took some time during 2009 to do a side project using the band name Black Mold under which he released Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz. So, for fans of Chad VanGaalen’s solemn brand of crooning it has been a while since they had a new album to bite into.

The music of Diaper Island stays true to the style of VanGaalen’s previous work, in that it feels like a hybrid of English musical acts Travis and Damien Rice, which you could really hear in his first album Infiniheart, especially in the track After the Afterlife. Diaper Island does have a different tone that is notably more energetic than that of VanGaalen’s previous work. The first track off of the new album Do Not Fear has a driving drum rhythm that is pushed forward by the guitar portions which accompany VanGaalen’s echoing anthem. Another cut on Diaper Island, Peace On The Rise, stands out as one of the star tracks on the album and as the title eludes to the song is very peaceful, relaxing and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

If this album has proved anything it’s that Chad VanGaalen doesn’t have any signs of running out of excellent music to deliver to his fans.  You can buy Diaper Island on May 17th 2011.

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