Timber Timbre | A Review of Creep On Creepin On

Timber Timbre, a band out of Toronto Ontario, has been making some indie waves over the past few years. The band has put out three other albums, 2006's Cedar Shakes and 2007's Medicinals and a Self-Titled album in 2009. Their latest effort is called Creep On Creepin On, which is a bit of a continuation of their third album, with its dark and consoling distinctive musical flavour. Lead singer of the band, Taylor Kirk possesses a distinct vocal aptitude when singing and is able to reflect both an understated strength and overwhelming unease.

Timber Timbre takes its influences from a host of genres and eras, what results is a style of music that is getting harder and harder to place. One thing is for certain though, Creep On Creepin On should be listened to now, by anyone looking for something a bit Grimm in their musical library.
However, when comparing Creep On Creepin On to Timber Timbre’s Self-Titled album their latest album is without a doubt less somber than the last. A gently played piano fills the backdrop of the entire album, accompanied by the Kirk’s voice, there is a certain atmosphere created, one that Billie Holiday could call home.  The album will drop on April 5th 2011.