Dumbo Gets Mad | Elephants At The Door A Review

Originally from somewhere in Italy the unknown artist behind Dumbo Gets Mad is now based out of Los Angeles. His debut album Elephants At The Door has garnered critical praise due to its timeless musical feel and overall quality. Dumbo Gets Mad is essentially a throwback psychedelic album, something that would lift the hearts of The Grateful Dead and Frank Zappa fans alike. The album’s tracks play out like scenes from ‘60s Fellini films, very abstract and engrossing.

There have been a number of good psychedelic albums to come out in recent memory. Dr. Dog, Sunset Rubdown and anything with Jim James in it are some of the more noteworthy contributors to this musical revival. Any band that takes on this diverse style of music needs to accomplish one thing, and that is creating music that is both unpredictable and entrancing. Dumbo Get Mad is hazy and dreamlike throughout its first album and manages to take the listener to interesting places. This vintage feel only becomes more endearing as the album runs through its ten tracks. Elephants At The Door is not perfect though, the track Sleeping Over has some of the most undesirable vocal portions you will ever hear. Besides this one misstep, the freshmen effort of Dumbo Get Man is one that any fan of psychedelic music should listen to.  

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