The Study Band | A Review of the Suns Single

The Study Band is a relatively new act currently based out of Portland Oregon. This duo, made up of Eric Morelli and Jack Roberts, has already produced and toured with their debut album From a Limb. More recently, The Study Band released a new single, entitled simply as Suns. The three tracks of the Single, Suns I, II and III, are meant to mirror the movements of the sun itself, but we will get into that in a minute.

Eric Morelli who handles the lead vocals and guitar for The Study Band also released an EP last Halloween under the band name Neon Death Ranger.  The contrast between Neon Death Ranger and The Study Band’s tone and content is a testament to either Morelli’s versatility as a musician or the influence Jack Roberts has over The Study Band. Morelli may have been good in Neon Death Ranger EP but his star really shines in The Study Band’s Suns.

Suns I is a mostly instrumental track.  Piano, guitar and some light background synth make up the majority of Suns I, it’s calm and pristine like any good dawn should be. And if you ever wanted to know what a sunrise sounds like for the duo that constitutes this band, this track would be it. Suns II has a distinct quality to it, whenever you have sleigh bells permeating an entire song you might think its Christmas, but they fit well with the song none the less and the tracks vocal are reminiscent of Keane’s Tom Chaplin. The final track, Suns III moves back and forth from spoken word to more of a pop-centric refrain powered by a hip-hop loop. 

The Study Band’s Suns Single is worth a listen for anyone who is interesting in new and emerging musicians.               

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