John Blaze | Taking a Look at Album 3

John Blaze is an up and coming artist who hails from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. His style of music ranges from synth riddle instrumental numbers that can have a somewhat electronic funk vibe,   but they can also be more abstract and include various home brood samples. Blaze also dips into the rare human effect on Album 3 with a song that has actual lyrics. Album 3 is a collection of all of Blaze’s previous musical offerings and out of the 12 tracks there are a few standouts. The track White Lightning is more traditional with its piano portions and deep echoing vocals; it has a jazz style quality to it.  3927 – John Blaze is one of the more abstract instrumental pieces on Album 3. It’s a quirky original song that was born from an eccentric young man, his keyboard and several samples of nursery rhymes.

A Single off of John Blaze’s Album 3 may not find its way to the top 40 countdown anytime soon but for people who have a taste in his style, they may find a new source of pleasure with Album 3.  You listen to the whole album from his bandcamp page here.   

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