The End of The White Stripes – A Sad Day For Concert Goers

After a number of years and a hand full of hit songs The White Stripes have called it quits. Front man Jack White and ex-wife Meg White are no longer going to be making music together. This is not a big surprise given Jack White has been getting involved in more and more side project such as The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather and others. It isn’t really the fact that the band will no long record albums; it’s that they will no long be performing live.

Anyone who has seen a live performances of The White Stripes knows that they were a must see live act. The energy generated from the two on stage was incredible. On the tour for the Icky Thump album the stage was all dressed in black and red as were the performers which gave the performance a distinctive character.  Whenever watching them you couldn’t help but think, all of this music coming from just two people. Jack’s massive vocals rained onto the crowed and the ever present deep seeded bead provided by Meg seemed to log right in your sternum and just hum.  It was incredible, and the greatest loss of this break up will be of those who will never have the chance to experience that for themselves. 

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