Dead Ghosts | Taking a Look Dead Ghost’s Self-Titled Album

As a band that calls Vancouver B.C. home, Dead Ghosts must have a lot of American fans saying; “Your Vancouver B.C., I want to go there so badly.” The reply tumbling around in the back of their heads must sound something like, thank 2010 Winter Olympics, you’ve turned my city into the Canadian version of Paris, France. Everyone says they love those cities and want to visit, but they couldn’t name three other cities within those countries if their life depended on it. As for Dead Ghosts’, is actually as interesting as people believe their city to be.
Dead Ghosts have a style that mixes Beach Boys guitar riffs with drastic fuzz of an over spun record. This makes the lyrics of each track off of their self-titled album mostly indecipherable adding to the band’s enigmatic style. Some tracks, like Getting Older, burst out of the gate with an energy similar to that of John Lennon singing Twist and Shout. While others have more of a Deer Tick vibe, with a country melody as the backbone of the song yet still maintain the constant static distortion. This is the best album to come out of Vancouver B.C.’s indie music scene since Frog Eye’s released Paul's Tomb: A Triumph earlier this year. 

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