Taking a Look At My Grey Horse

My Grey Horse is a five piece band from Stratford-upon-Avon, U.K. that is off to a strong start. After a well received first EP the band is set to release its second entitled The Saltway. First impressions matter though, and the band’s first offering left a strong one. The lead vocalist sounds like a well tuned River Cuomo but that does not mean that My Grey Horse is a Weezer clone. No, the young band seems to take some inspiration from acts similar to Canada’s Wolf Parade. This can really be heard in the track You’ll Never Learn which features My Grey Horse’s contrasting vocal harmonies accompanied by a playful keyboard melody. This band isn’t a one trick pony, as the other tracks available on their website makes it clear that My Grey Horse draws from an eclectic pool of musicians for motivation.  As a first attempt My Grey Horse has managed to capture the essence of what good indie music should always embody: it’s slightly raw, has the potential from which to grow and is genuinely interesting to listen to.  Here’s to hoping that My Grey Horse will make a mark with The Saltway EP. 

My grey horse - you'll never learn from Peter Butler on Vimeo.

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