A Sunny Day in Glasgow | A Review of Autumn Again

The Philadelphia band A Sunny Day in Glasgow has released its third full length album Autumn Again.  Their sound is similar to an ever expanding bubble made entirely out of background noise of the universe; it’s possibly the most annoying album some people will ever have the pleasure to listen to. But for others it might be a welcomed addition to a music library filled with vacant stare inducing dream pop acts such as Animal Collective. A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s newest offering is not without its charm though, the track Sigh, inhibitionist (Come all day with me) starts off with promise, reminiscent of something you may hear from Jesus and Mary Chain but then quickly flutters off into the stratosphere with the rest of this album. The band should also be given some notice for the title of one of the album’s last tracks This assclown eats ambien OR Nobody likes you (No Art) – brilliant!

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