Kings of Leon’s Micro Interview Series on the Come Around Sundown Album

If you are unaware, the Kings of Leon are set to release their fifth album Come Around Sundown on October 19th which you can preview in it’s entirety here.  That is not the only reason why you should check out this site.  There is an ongoing series of interviews with all four band members talking about each of the tracks. It’s one thing to speculate on what some songs mean and another to get a walkthrough right from the horse’s mouth.  Each one of the interviews, which are at most two and a half minutes long, gives a little bit of history on a particular track, what it’s about when it was written and the circumstances surrounding its recording. It is an interesting series and worth following.

Highlights From the Interviews So Far
In Part 3 of the series the band discuses their first single from Come Around Sundown, Radioactive. They explain that the song was written for another album Aha Shake Heartbreak but just didn’t fit.

 Lead singer Caleb Followill was inspired to write the track Pyro by a news story about a group of extremist Christians that met an untimely end at the hands of the FBI.

The Track Mary was written as an outlet for Caleb Followill’s irritation over his brother/drummer Nathan Followill’s impending nuptials. Hence the first line of the song, “Mary if you wanna!”, which is an interesting revelation, that the track Mary isn’t about being pissed that an old flame is getting hitched but that your brother is getting married.    

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